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Baful Fish Collagen Peptide 25g

Product Brand:Baful     Specifications:5 gramsx5 strip / bag
Ingredients:  fish collagen peptide
Using Method: mixing with water or your favorite drinking.


Baful Fish Collagen Peptide 25g

  • Market Retail Price:88yuan
  • The Promotional Price:88yuan
  • Cooperative Proxy:400-870-1010(consulting)


Our collagen is 100% extracted from fish skin and scale, it is rich in natural moisturizing factors. The unique moisturizing characteristics of collagen peptide can keep skin moisturize, bright, clean and whippy. Collagen peptide can prevent the damage caused by exposure tothe sun, inside, collagen peptide can prevent the free radicals to harm the skin.

Notice:our collagen is 100% pure fish collagen peptide, please store it closed in a cool ,dry place.

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