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Celebrating Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co.,Ltd win the “Most Popular Hainan Iconic Brands industry Top 10 ”title

    High-profile “Cross Brilliant 60 Years” ---The most popular brand (enterprises) survey and assessment activity inHainan, enters the expert evaluation process this afternoon. After being evaluated by more than 20 experts from different fields and undertook by the notary organization , Industry Top 10 brands in different areas are also selected at the same time.

    The results of this survey and assessment activity are based on the data which are collected from 60 percent pubilc and NanHai website online votes. There are 80 listed brands and a batch of top10 listed companies in different industries are confirmed.After On-site assessment, On-site call out the names voted, On-site notary, and 40% decision-making power of comprehensive expert evaluation, Hainan iconic Top60 brands and Top10 industry brands are finally ensured.

    The another Hainan Top60 iconic brands are:Hainan Haiqi Group, Tansportation Group Co.,ltd, Coconut Palm Group, Carrianna Group Holdings Company Limited,etc. Top 10 brands in its own areas are :Libo beauty,Phoenix Real Estate Co.,Ltd, Hainan Chunguang Food Co.,ltd and Hainan Haima.Secretary general of Hainan Industry And Economy League, Mr Chenheng says:“This survey and assessment activity get actively reaction from different social sectors. Vote amounts, partcipants, scales are all at most inHainanbrand survey and assessment history.” Some famous Old brands which are well-known byHainancustomers are selected as iconic brands. It not only shows the affection of local brands, but also the attention of brand building and maintenance paid byHainanlocal companies.

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