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Baful collagen brand exhibition booth, showcase introduction

    Baful brand collagen exhibition booths and showcases are defined style, In order to set up a good and healthy company image as well as make the operator have directly intuitive sense.The design combine baful new VI brand concept to design and produce so that the exbihibition booths and showcases have characteristics of advanced,fashion,aesthetics and practical,and can be assembled according to different store condition. At present, all the exbihibition booths and showcases have already been set up and showed as a important exhibition place for business negotiations and customer reception of Baful brand collagen.

    Baful collagen brand exhibition booths and showcases mainly include the following style:

    1.Baful brand collagen reception desk

    2.Baful collagen brand base showcase

3.Baful collagen brand base showcase+company honor showcase

4.Baful collagen brand base showcase+brand image showcase

5.Baful collagen brand center showcase

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