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2005.07.27Dr Cheng yunkai established Hainan Laidun Biotech Co.,Ltd, which specialized in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of the fish collagen peptide(FCP) and its related products.

2006.07.26The first-time-correct Linkage test for facilities of fish collagen peptide production got success in factory, located in Meilan District, Haikou City, Hainan province.

2007.05.16Hainan Laidun Biotech Co.,Ltd was rename to Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co.,Ltd.

2007.10.26Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co.,Ltd exported batches of fish collagen peptide to Japan for the first time.

2008.09.12Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co.,Ltd got through the Quality Safty (QS) of fish collagen peptide.

2012.09.06Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co.,Ltd was identified as high-technology enterprises by Hainan province government.

2013.10.17The industrilazation of fish collagen peptide project was identified as high-technology project by Hainan province government.

2013.10.17“Baful” brand fish collagen peptide is identified as high-technology product by Hainan province government.

2014.12.31Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co.,Ltd signed the investment agreement with national high-tech industrial development zone in haikou and invested 68 million to implement fish collagen peptide industrilazation project.

2015.04.11Hainan Laidun Biotech Co.,Ltd convoked the statutory general meeting of joint-stock company and Hainan Laidun Biotech Co.,Ltd was overall restructured into Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co.,Ltd, the company's registered address is changed to 15/F, Qiaohui Building, 21 Yilong West Road, Haikou, 570102 Hainan, China.

2015.04.23Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co.,Ltd accomplished registration modification by administration for industry and commerce.

2015.07.14Hainan Huayan Collagen Technology Co.,Ltd succeeded in listing on hainan equity exchange board.

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